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tol 13.4, Birmingham 15.9, Leicester 13.7, Nottingham 15.9,
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to Port Huron, .Mich., for special temporary duty. Feb.
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infection. This is an important fact that should never be lost
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membrane may be expected or an incision required. When
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tumor with a twisted pedicle, impacted in Douglas's pouch.
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abhorrence the irretrievable disgrace of the present
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then became quite clear with acid reaction. Specific
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ending April 5, the death-rate was 17. 0. Deaths reported
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Whether these are primary causes I am not prepared to say, but
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Foster, A. D., acting assistant surgeon. Granted ex-
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in the use of your eyes, and internal medication, nothing that we
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uble under all conditions. Be this as il may, recent
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Surgeon G. W. Stoner, immigration depot, for duty, reliev-
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of forty-eight hours. Extracellular masses a little in-
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symptoms, in seven vomiting, in three mental weakness, the
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cavernous sinus was felt with the tip of the index finger
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misdirection of will in the subject's reaction upon
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Williamson, M.D., Member of the American Medical As-
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bury, where he was one of the charter members of the
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cause of their depressing action, and also the vari-
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gery. By Irving Phillips Lyon, M.D. , Buffalo, N. ST., In-
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fore that drank one or two glasses of beer in the day.
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scious in a field and was taken home and put to bed.
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the whole right leg was distinctly colder to the upper
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Therapeutic measures in such a case would necessarily be lim-
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an excellent summary of the literature on the subject is given.
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1 Read before the New England Hospital Medical Society Oct.
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silk placed at the junction of the overlapping ends,
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born at Alnwick, Eng., July 4, 1845. He came to this
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urine or abnormal quantities of normal constituents.
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none is more marked and more positive in my mind than the new
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At that time peritonsillar abscess and acute tonsil-
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scratch. On the leg was a profusely secreting vacci-
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Castleman and Ducrest. Recherche sur les abees Multiples, 1846,
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be helped to do it, and it is impossible to conceive
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injury) a license duly granted to him or her as hereinbefore pro-
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