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to a considerable degree, particularly the thighs, Rela-
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acute appendicitis, and the operation, though brief
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insoluble in water, yet imparts to it a perceptible odor and taste.
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seven, who had fallen ill two weeks before admission to hospital
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her neighbors came out on the landing and were sur-
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"I might say I have had practically no pain for ten
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Experiments have been made tending to prove that anatomical
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culosis. Report for the Year Ending March 1, 1902. Illus-
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Therapeutics, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Pathology, Dermatology, Diseases
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rather than shortly after eating, while the pain in
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exudate about liver, spleen and hollows of the greater
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The curette may be used either ( 1 ) to remove retained fragments
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L. M.,78; a case of fatal acetonemia following an operation for acute
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coagulation of milk." As regards the diplo-streptococcus of the
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male, some points regarding the treatment of the. 155
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The bacteriologic and medical research work will be under the
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amount $2000 was contributed by Canadians. The hospitals con-
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this fact; all of which is doubly unfortunate. The patient is
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writer on April 0, 1901, in consultation with Dr. G.
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two recent cases and eighty-two collected from the literature, 494.
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coccus infection, that the local pulmonary lesion is
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mother noticed upon one buttock a red spot about the
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taneous" ai applied t« Infectious diseases Is also questionable.
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time of life when malignant disease is most likely.
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in which the profession as a body is most deficient
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blood was trifling, and the patient bore the operation
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variety or those varieties of streptococci by means of which it had
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and consulting surgeon to the Eye and Ear Infirmary at
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eighth spaces in axilla, all pulsating synchronously
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(Medical Press, April 8, 1903) read a paper with this title. From
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up to a considerable extent, who cough very little, and
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deaths per million ; Austria-Hungary and France, more than 3000
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scientific associations. He wrote a considerable num-
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ficiency in it and in school education. His head measures 2iy 2
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