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cases it is impossible to find any falling out of hair at all. Again,

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tuberculosis, were chosen for the observations, which were in

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up-to-date dictionary, sufficiently full for the re-

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against the propagation of yellow fever through mos-

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oxygen to the tissues. Further, that the direct cause of most of

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days, and in a second series the alcoholized animals

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anesthetic may be necessary to maintain the desired state of

draw in the more unfortunate ones who come expecting the imme-

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on inspection and palpation and elicited by auscul-

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may be made ; the latter, in order that the surgeon


ing ten to fifteen minutes, were followed by complete cure of the

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ber 11, acute cases), a child of two, with signs of

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Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's

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clusively to my own observations. These have not been suf-

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with salt solution and returned to the abdominal cav-

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tion ; most suffering comes from " nagging" sensation

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sume the secundines would follow the child quickly and per-

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the second physician in active practice to become a member of the

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Fact and fiction, the psychical relations of tuber-

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motions are much less strong than in the left leg. No

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ably appendiceal. In third day of present attack, ap-

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officer of the board, at a salary of $5,000 per an-

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Further experiments have now been carried out in order to

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use to the general practitioner, as it provides complete dietetic and med-

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conceded that the sole function of the so-called pe-

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Chauveau et Kaufmann. Comptes Rend, de l'Acad. des Sciences,

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cil of the National Academy of Sciences at Washington on

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before the introduction of antiseptic methods. . . .

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them. Below this tissue lies a still more dense layer

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