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The Legs. — I found it very difficult to walk, stumbling, and

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tions which may lead to it, and by their removal to prevent its

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arteries, I have still done a pretty radical opera-

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fatty degeneration of the organs of the body, and the

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bacilli persisted in practically pure culture. In the

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after another in spite of care is a very common observation. (9)

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the body). In the first day's lectures the abdomen,

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several years' admirable service he resigned the posi-

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the kidneys are normal, is about .45% ; and that the

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plant can be successfully grown away from its native soil, it will

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cured, and for this reason it is difficult to induce

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was followed by a profuse passage of worms. Once a worm

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in the endometrium beyond the necrotic tissue is in danger of

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Sams, F. P., acting assistant surgeon. To assume tempo-

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and I was more than ever convinced that the' constitu-

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there should never he any compromise with ignorance or expedi-

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cussion will be "Vaccination." I have been asked to

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Med. Wchnschr., 1X94, xx, 78S; re) Lorenz: Op.Cit.; (/) Neubauer

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born with some mental defect, such as epilepsy, chorea, or idiocy.

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constantly appear in the daily press of this country, this form of

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phied gall bladders are so friable that they cannot

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