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but slightly influenced ; the sneezing attacks were

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order to understand deflections from mental health it is necessary

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pressed state that it fails to react to the stimuli

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Wertenbaker, C. P., passed assistant surgeon. Granted

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pulp. The others regularly use the pulp which is (a) mixed with

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'Koeing: Die Spec. Tule der Knochen Geleukeu, Berlin, 1902,

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mained eery rigid. The Longitudinal tear was repaired

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about the size of a dollar in the anal region. There

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Such a sign is very useful in the early diagnosis of

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1892,13; 1893, 23; 1894, 24; 1895, 23; 1896,44; 1897,

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N. M., and report to medical officer in command for duty

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aid of the cystoscope, comprising 12 papillomata, 4 hematomata,

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Sechzehnter Jahrgang. 1900. Zweite Abtheilung. Verlag

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cases by great relief in ten days to two weeks. I am convinced

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does fine sewing and fancy work well. All the motions

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with lacerations, that is, about compound fractures.

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acids do not influence, and that salicylic acid in-

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8. The foregoing deaths were, so far as can be learned,

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Shurly. Diseases of Nose and Throat. New York, 1900, p. 441.

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administration of potassium iodide and other alteratives to over-

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same for four hours, when he began to fail, and died

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finement. There can be no question that cleanliness

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of the phloridzin test for estimating the functional capacity of the kidneys,

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American Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological So-

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months), 49; in the third (period of nine months), 36; and in

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