Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme

aud a nest of tuberculosis. All these things should

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to improve the teaching of surgery in Harvard Univer-

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as nearly as possible, of the vaccination. The year of

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department of the University of the City of New Y T ork in

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and could with great difficulty be persuaded to have

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Beebe, $1,000; Mrs S. Parkman Blake, $10,000; John L. Bremer

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several cases of a similar character and noted that

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treatment for five, ten or fifteen years in the out-

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fourteen rooms to be used for general class work, a

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Dr. V. Y. Bowditch has resigned the position of Visit-

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tion, and experts found it to be Ocimun viride Willd. It is a mem-

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in which the reverse of this is true, show it to be

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toms as vertigo, insomnia, neurasthenia, irritability, some degree

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Medical Journal, that typhoid bacilli survive extreme cold. It

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The death-rate ranged from 11.7 in Hornsey to 29.9 in

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ences, Philadelphia, 1894, N. S., cvii, 23-30. Reviews cases

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i.e., the epiphyses and the joint capsules. The vascular condi-

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and 2 cm. wide, covered with whitish gray deposit of

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Patient has been using the following formula for four months,


tained many lymphocytes, and many others leucocytes.


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ally, liq. pot. arsenitis, or arsenic pills in combination with strych-

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phosus. Operation 22 days later; rib resected. Drain-

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of epithelial cells and cholesterin, and that no exudation or

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