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of treating displacements of the uterus, it will, I
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recently for the first time and has not yet undergone
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of the Hartford Hospital, including the Seventeenth An-
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It. A. Mabmion, medical director. Detached from duty
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tablished at Columbia University for research work and ad-
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Eine Methode zur Sterilisirung und zur sterilen Aufhebung
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tenesmus. Cystoscopy : Urethra, vesical neck and tri-
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the use of glycerinated lymph, and as a result we find the
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phoidal look which the patient presented. Careful in-
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exclusively by method, and nobody should be allowed to try any
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her ether with the intention of removing it, when he
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The secretary-general of the Congress is Dr. F. Putzeys, of Brus-
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prompt recovery. Two months afterward she died in a dental
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9. Kraepelin. Uber die Beeinflussung einfacher psychische
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ical interest, for instance, how often the testicular
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as employed in the Begistrar General's Weekly Betnrn of
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scopical examination, revealing its true nature. The growth
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19-26, 1903) discusses the affections of these sinuses in the fol-
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aconite in the treatment of cardiac diseases, Hare.H. A., 50; tuberculous
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Society will be held at Atlantic City, New Jersey, May 27,
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discretion in diet, followed by vomiting, slight fever
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normal color and some albumin. Shortly after arrival
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herself unable to move. It was said that just previous
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selves did not produce contractions, so that the direct
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the sanatorium cured of her ailments, but became a slave of the
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leave of absence for twenty-one days from July 18. July
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headache disappeared ; the tongue cleared off in forty-eight hours,
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ing as a foreign view of one of our notorious char-
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as also did the trouble in the bowels, and in a few days the patient
yet, until this year 1902, and in this report of the
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' von Leyden'a Kandbucn der Ernftbrungatberapie, 1897, Bd. I,
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it affects the brain, causing a man to lose control of his thoughts
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tive process. At the first test-meal examination the main points

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