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penance and sacrifice, or by resort to incantations

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Not only shall we not tolerate midwives, but in our days of

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compel an eye examination of every child before it enters the

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the sanitary condition of the region shows that many of the


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Hypertrophy is the most important feature of chronic proc-

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thing for any one threatened with any mental collapse or on the

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with an introductory chapter by Clarence John Blake,

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Castration, influence of on the blood of female ani-

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great havoc to the delicate structures of the eyes might easily

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Michigan in 1873, and was fifty-two years of age. He

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town of 700; large, thickly settled territory; practice

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the patient's family history, all suggested tuberculosis, (n) The

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' Last winter, a number of citizens of Roston. men and women

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